The tasks of the Office of the Governor are derived from the Governor’s statutory tasks, powers and responsibilities. The Office provides official support services to help the Governor carry out his constitutional and general administrative tasks. It identifies and analyses political, administrative and societal developments and advises the Governor on them. It does not make policy but only advises the Governor.

The Office also passes on all government documents, such as country ordinances and country decrees, to the Governor. Agreements between the Governor and the ministers are made and prepared by the Office. Upon the formation of a new government, the Office of the Governor announces the remit set by the Governor for the informateur (mediator) and formateur (who forms the government).

The Governor supervises the implementation of treaties and is responsible for the implementation of the Passport Act and the Netherlands Nationality Act. The Office’s consular affairs division deals with applications for passports, visas and Dutch nationality (acquired by naturalisation or the option procedure).

In addition, the Office makes preparations for receptions and visits, and liaises with authorities, administrators, civil society institutions and organisations. The Office deals with public petitions, applications for overflight permits and applications from foreign vessels to enter port.