On 4 November 2013, Lucille Andrea George-Wout was appointed Governor of Curaçao on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers of Curaçao and with the approval of the Council of Ministers for the Kingdom.

Ms George-Wout was born in Curaçao on 26 February 1950 and is married to Herman S. George. She trained as a youth and community outreach worker at the Catholic school of social work in Sittard and worked in this field in Curaçao from 1971 to 1980.

Ms George-Wout has held a variety of political positions, including serving as a deputy in the Island Council of Curaçao and President of the States of the Netherlands Antilles. Her most recent political position was Minister of the Interior, Employment and Social Affairs of the Netherlands Antilles in the third Pourier government.