You must be in possession of a valid travel document when travelling to or in a foreign country. If you have lost your travel document or do not have one, in exceptional circumstances and subject to strict conditions, you can apply for an emergency passport.

Conditions for receiving an emergency passport
You will be issued with an emergency passport only if you satisfy the following conditions:

  • You have Dutch nationality;
  • You are unable to apply to the Civil Registry (Kranshi) in time to be issued with a national passport (i.e. an ‘ordinary’ passport);
  • You can demonstrate that you cannot postpone your journey;
  • You can provide proof of your identity, nationality and/or place of residence.

20151217 091000Documents required for an emergency passport
You will be asked to submit at least the following documents:

  • Your previous, expired passport;
  • A recent passport photo (no more than three months old);
  • A valid identity document (e.g. a driving licence or residence permit);
  • For a child aged under 18 or an adult who has never previously had a passport, a birth certificate issued no more than six months ago;
  • A valid identity document of the parent(s) of a child aged under 18;
  • Where applicable, original custody papers for children aged under 18;
  • Where applicable, official permission from both parents if they have shared parental responsibility. 
  • If either or both of the parents is/are abroad, you must also submit a copy of their passport(s);
  • If you are a resident of Curaçao, proof that you have made an appointment with the Kranshi/Bentana di informashon to apply for a new national passport;
  • Proof that your journey cannot be postponed;

if your most recent national passport is missing, you must submit a statement to the Office of the Governor of Curaçao before an emergency passport can be issued.  To do so, you must complete a ‘Personal Statement Form’ (Eigen Verklaring Formulier), stating when and where you last used your passport, etc. The Office of the Governor will then make enquiries with the body that issued your passport. An emergency passport cannot be issued before this information is received. It is therefore not advisable to incur unnecessary costs while enquiries are still being made (e.g. by booking flights).

In 2024 the Cabinet of the Governor charges NAf 112,- to issue an emergency passport.
The person in whose name the emergency passport is issued must be present when the application is made and when the emergency passport is collected. However, this requirement may be waived on urgent medical grounds.

As a rule, you cannot enter the United States of America on an emergency passport. For more information, contact the Consulate-General of the United States of America in Curaçao on +5999 461 3066.