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With a Dutch passport, you can travel all over the world. It is important to ensure your passport is valid.

If you have Dutch nationality and are a resident of Curaçao, you can apply to the Curaçao Population Affairs Department (Dienst Burgerzaken, or Kranshi) for a passport. Dutch sailors and Dutch nationals travelling around the world can also apply to the Office of the Governor of Curaçao for a passport. Dutch nationals who are registered in a municipality in the Netherlands should apply to their municipality for a passport. Dutch nationals who live abroad can apply to the diplomatic mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in that country or, if they are temporarily in the Netherlands, make an appointment with one of the Dutch municipalities authorised to issue travel documents to Dutch nationals who are not residents of the Netherlands.

The costs for a national passport at the Cabinet of the Governor in 2024 are NAf 189,- (adult, validity 10 years) or NAf 149,- (minor, validity 5 years).